Boston Model Railway Society Club Layouts

Tytton Hall Yard

Tytton Hall Yard isn’t based on any real location or area of the country. This is to enable us to run everything and anything. It is a continuous run layout 16ft long by 8ft wide.

The mainline has four tracks entering at one end and reduces to two tracks before crossing a viaduct. Below the viaduct is the yard. This is a coal loading facility mainly loading MGR wagons. Due to a weak bridge on this line the number of wagons are reduced.

The layout is DCC operated with the mainline fiddle yard point work worked by switches. The yard point work is operated by a DCC accessory decoder. The club chose the Lenz system as at the time it was either this or the Digitrax system.

The layout has successfully attended a number of the clubs own shows and is at the final stages of construction. Various improvements have been made since the layout’s first showing at the 2007 exhibition. Most radical of which has been the relaying of the fiddle yard point work with a larger minimum radius employed following running issues.

Tytton Hall Yard is avalable for Exhibitions. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND UPDATES

New N Gauge Layout

We went though a period where a large number of Junior Members joined the club. Now most of these have gone and those who remain have allowed us to strip their layout back to it's bare boards.

This blank baseboard is now becoming our new N Gauge Club layout. The trackplan is based on Andover but slightly modified. The trackwork is now nearly complete apart from the goods yard and a start has been made on the wireing. Some scenic work has been started also.

We hope to have this layout ready for our 2015 Exhibition

The Test Track

The test track runs around the outside of the clubroom. It has currently facilities for running HO/OO gauge and 009/N gauge. There is also the option for running DCC equipped locos.

The outer loop is laid with curves generous enough to allow the running of kit built locos and is controlled by an H&M controller. There are two loops equipped for DCC one of which is able to be switched back to analogue.

The Club has also spent along time creating a 00 gauge 3rd rail circuit. This is Flexi track with a Z gauge rail laid in the centre for electrical Pickup. However it proved to be too fragile dispite the improvement in running it provided.

The club is still provides a facility for running 3rail loco’s. We've laid a loop of tillig track which is actually dual OO gauge and N gauge. This has been proved to still be suitable for three rail pickup and provides a second N gauge circuit alongside the loop of N gauge currently available for use.

Work has also begun to add a O Gauge running facility. To do so a new baseboard is being added at a higher level to the rest of the test track. This is now at an advenced state with only the last secton in front of the door to complete. Locomotives can be ran in an end to end format.

Feel free to bring your own locomotives and rolling stock to run on our test track.