Welcome to Boston Model Railway Society

Boston MRS is a small group of Railway Modellers who live in the area around Boston in Lincolnshire. The members all have different interests so unlike other MRS's who build layouts which have all their stock and buildings set in one time period Boston MRS runs any stock from any period.

In addition to this we're all a friendly bunch and feel that being small helps us harbour a community feeling. One new member commented that our club is a friendlier environment than other local clubs that he tried.

Anything Goes!

As our members are all interested in different periods of time. Our club layouts work on the keep something running philosophy. We do this because when the public visit exhibitions they want to see something running. If there isn't anything happening on a layout they will leave.

Therefore anything goes on our club layouts. As long as the locomotives match the stock they are pulling that is.

Each of our members own layouts run to their chosen period.

How do you join?

You can join this society by just coming along to the club room. We suggest that you make more than one visit so that you can decide whether you wish to join.

The clubs subscription rate is £40 per year.

There is also a weekly donation payment of £4 each night you attend after you've joined.

Children are also welcome to join the juniors section. Juniors subscription is £20 per year and £2 weekly donation.

Why do you have to pay?

The money we raise from members goes towards the renting of the club room and buying of materials for club activities.

The money raised from the annual exhibition does help this however we don't aim to make large sums of money through this activity